Natural stone, ceramic tile and grout require a large investment in your home — be careful not to allow just anyone who claims to be a professional take care of your natural stone, ceramic tile and grout.

Better Home Cleaning has trained personnel to care for your floors. We also have the proper insurance, including worker’s compensation and liability in case the unexpected happens. We know how to identify what floor type you have and we provide professional care, the best cleaning agents, and state-of-the-art equipment for your floors, based on your specific needs.

Areas we clean:

• Floors
• Countertops
• Bathrooms
• Showers
• Bathroom Floors
• Tiled Foyer
• Tiled Entryways
• Tiled Hallways

We have successfully cleaned many floor types, including granite, terrazzo, marble, soapstone, glazed and unglazed ceramic tile, porcelain, and terra cotta. Call us if you have questions about your particular floor type.